Shifting Gears for Down Syndrome (updated)

Updated on 9/23/2011 to reflect avoidance of gravel on CR 9 for 63 mile route. It is a totally new route, so make sure to check it out before you come.

Saturday, October 1st, join the Gislason family in raising money for the Down Syndrome Association of MN. As of right now, there are two routes a 63 mile route leaving Straight River Sports at 7 am and a 21 mile route that will leave at 9am. If there is interest for a 7 mile route, we will put that together as well.

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Hills of Steele / Rice County

Some good hills within a reasonable distance of Owatonna. I’m still trying to find that mythical categorized climb…

Owatonna / Pratt / Merton

Owatonna Western Loop

Owatonna / Bixby / Claremont

Owatonna South Loop

Northwest Owatonna