Shifting Gears for Down Syndrome (updated)

Updated on 9/23/2011 to reflect avoidance of gravel on CR 9 for 63 mile route. It is a totally new route, so make sure to check it out before you come.

Saturday, October 1st, join the Gislason family in raising money for the Down Syndrome Association of MN. As of right now, there are two routes a 63 mile route leaving Straight River Sports at 7 am and a 21 mile route that will leave at 9am. If there is interest for a 7 mile route, we will put that together as well.

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Trek 2 Trek Routes

Starting Thursday, August 25th, some members of the Owatonna Bicycling Club will be embarking on a 5-day journey to the Trek Factory in Waterloo, WI. Here are links to the planned routes for each day. Thanks to Steve Deetz for making these available.

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Austin Race

The Dan Ulwelling 25-mile bike race is this weekend (Saturday, July 2nd) in Austin, MN. Riders of all ages and abilities are invited to come and join the fun. We had a great turnout last year from the Owatonna Bicycling Club with 18 people showing up. The race starts from the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center at 12 noon. Registration begins at 11am. Meet at Straight River Sports at 10am to carpool to Austin. See you there.

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Hills From Hell VI

For those that are interested, Hills From Hell will be held this weekend, June 25th at 9:30am starting in Stockholm, WI. This year’s ride will be about 55 miles with LESS climbing from previous years.

DeathRace Recap

Thanks to everyone who showed up today for the 4th Annual Death Race. Today’s race saw racers from Owatonna as well as a few additions from the surrounding area. A full recap, photos and results list with official times to follow.

DeathRace 2011 Video

Deathrace 2011 Results
1. Drew Wilson (1:00:51)
2. Andrew Gislason
3. Todd Peterson
4. David Chabot (1:00:58)
5. Al Farrow (1:01:30)
6. Curtis Tesch
7. Will Stockdell (1:05:34)
8. Aaron Guzman
9. Rob Zimmerman (1:07:55)
10. Steve Deetz (1:08:00)
11. Jim Kempf (1:08:05)
12. James Cope (1:08:20)
13. Tom Raetz (1:08:29)
14. Joshua Wareheim (1:11:05)
15. Darren Brown
16. Kirk Livesay (1:11:05)
17. Jonathon Troe
18. Roger Wareheim
19. Adrienne Boese (1:15:31)
20. Cathy Duffus (1:15:34)
21. Scott Duffus (1:16:32)
22. Amanda Gislason (1:27:08)
23. Theresa Welna (1:27:09)
24. Mishawn Woodcock (1:31:47)
25. Ryan Edge (1:32:51)

Deathrace Petite
1. Clyde Carver
2. Jacob Otto

Placings, times and even names may be approximate … unofficial until the video can be viewed.

Death (Race) is coming…

Is everyone ready? June 11, 2011 at 10am. Meet at the Central Pavilion of Mineral Springs Park at 9:30am. All are welcome to attend. Click here for more info.