Rabbit Run info 2016

I will continue to maintain a posting of the Rabbit Run Course.  If you report your time and info to me at jimkempf2@hotmail.com, you can get a Rabbit Run t-shirt or baseball cap on request.  (while supplies last)……(and they’ve been lasting)          There is a second course, the JackRabbit sprint tt, that will qualify for caps/t’s.   It is 11.8 miles, and very flat.   Start at County 137 East from County 43, follow as it turns South, and turn West on Dane Road at the old Rice Lake Creamery, and back to the finnish  at intersection of Dane and County 43.  Email me with results, or ride the course on Strava!  I will Post the updated history for each course in September.


Take a run at the rides of other club members, or just beat your best.   Good way to test your FTP.   I will post stats of my runs, including power info.



DSCN0204 (2)Rabbit run jpeg thru 2015

Spring Rides have Begun for 2016!

Every Tuesday and Thursday our group rides will start at Lincoln School parking lot in Owatonna at 5:30 pm. Usually a 25 to 35 mile ride with varying levels of ability. Some riders will average 20+ for the ride, others in the 19-17 mph range, and a few below 17 mph. If “Mr. Wind” is blowing these average speeds into Mr. Wind are far less and far higher with him.

Riders should have, or want to learn, bike handling skills in a group. Taking a turn at Pulling, Drafting, Calling out Obstacles, and Safely passing are skills to learn and share. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

Dog Information

MN Statute 347.04


Any dog that habitually worries, chases, or molests teams or persons traveling peaceably on the public road is a public nuisance. Upon complaint in writing to a district court judge containing a description of the dog, including the name of the dog and its owner, or stating that the name or names are not known, and alleging that the dog is a public nuisance, the judge shall issue a summons, if the owner is known, commanding the owner to appear before the judge at a specified time, not less than six nor more than ten days from the date of the summons, to answer the complaint. The summons shall be served not less than six days before the day of the hearing in the same manner as other district court summonses.

Group Rides 2012

With the nice Spring weather, group rides have started.  Days and times currently are as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm
Meet at Lincoln Elementary School

Wednesday Women’s Ride @ 6pm
Meet at Straight River Sports & Fitness

Saturday Coffee Grind and Shop Ride @ 7am and 9am
Meet at Straight River Sports & Fitness

As a reminder, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED at all group rides!


Shifting Gears for Down Syndrome (updated)

Updated on 9/23/2011 to reflect avoidance of gravel on CR 9 for 63 mile route. It is a totally new route, so make sure to check it out before you come.

Saturday, October 1st, join the Gislason family in raising money for the Down Syndrome Association of MN. As of right now, there are two routes a 63 mile route leaving Straight River Sports at 7 am and a 21 mile route that will leave at 9am. If there is interest for a 7 mile route, we will put that together as well.

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